Features of the Ancient Paths Version

  • THE PERSONAL NAME OF ELOHIM (God) has been restored to the text in the form of the Tetragrammaton: יהוה
    where English translations traditionally use all capital letters LORD or GOD to replace His personal name.

  • THE WORDS OF יהוה in the Old Testament and the words of Yeshua in the New Testament are presented in blue type, which is consistent with the reason why יהוה commanded the children of Israel to attach a blue cord in their tassels (Numbers 15:37-41), to remind them to keep His commandments (see in introduction).

  • RESTORED ORIGINAL BOOK ORDER - The books of both the Old Testament and the New Testament have been restored to their original order, which, when combined, include seven divisions of Scripture:
    ld Testament Books: 1) The Torah; 2) The Prophets; 3) The Writings;
    New Testament Books:
    4) The Good News; 5) The Acts of the Apostles; 6) The Letters and the Apostles; and 7) The Book of Revelation.

The Book of Daniel in the Hebrew Bible is placed in “the Writings,” while Christian Bibles include it in the division, “the Major Prophets.” Since the Book of Daniel parallels the Book of Revelation, which is placed at the end of the New Testament, the Book of Daniel is placed at the end of the division, “the Prophets.”

  • Includes an appendix that explains the most notable scriptural corrections.

  • Includes over 1100 footnotes.

  • Includes a Glossary of Terms.

  • The text is set in a double-column, verse-by-verse format for easy referencing and reading.

  • Topical headings are added into the text for clarity.

  • New Testament quotes of passages from the Old Testament are presented in bolded text.

  • Words that had been added to the text for the sake of clarification are presented in italicized text.

  • Bolded text in the New Testament identifies quotes from the Old Testament.

  • Words that were added to the text for the sake of clarification are italicized.