[ verses quoted are from the Holy Bible: Ancient Paths Version ]

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The Parable of the Good Samaritan, recorded in Luke 10:25-37, is one of Yeshua’s most beloved parables. Over the years ministers have read it to their followers hoping to instill in them a greater sense of brotherhood and kindness. While this teaching is commendable, it does not convey the fullest significance of the parable.

The account begins when a lawyer, who was well-versed in the Law of Moses, the Torah, challenged Yeshua with the question, “…Teacher, what must I do to inherit eternal life?” After Yeshua’s reply, the lawyer asked the follow-up question, “Who is my neighbor?” It was at this point that Yeshua told the parable. Many people lose focus on the first question regarding eternal life and instead, focus on the follow-up question as if it were a separate, unrelated question. It is not. This mistake reduces the message of the parable to a social issue rather than a spiritual issue, salvation. 

So, with this context in mind, let us refocus on the true topic of the parable, salvation, to see what wonderful mysteries it contains! Continue: