Immerse "with Water" vs
Immerse "in Water" in APV

Matthew 3:6 in the New King James Version reads, “And were baptized of him [John] in Jordan, confessing their sins.”

The word “baptize” is the anglicized form of the Greek word “baptizo,” which means “to immerse” (Matt. 3:16; John 3:23; Acts 8:38-39; Heb. 11:29). It symbolizes the burial of the “old man” in a watery grave (Col. 2:12; Rom. 6:4-5).

The word baptize is often accompanied by the Greek words “en hudor,” which can either be translated, “in water,” or “with water (Matt. 3:11; Mark 1:8; 10:38-39; Luke 3:1; 3:16; 12:50; John 1:26, 33; Acts 11:16).” In the KJV the Greek word “en” is translated 1874 times as “in” and only 134 times as “with.” The fact that the word baptize means “to immerse,” necessitates that the words “baptizo en hudor” be translated “immerse in water,” as it is impossible to immerse someone with water.

Yet, in order to accommodate the false doctrine of infant baptism by sprinkling with water, a few translations translate the words “baptize en hudor” as “baptize with water.” These denominations include: Catholics, Lutherans, Episcopalians, Methodists, Presbyterians, and the United Church of Christ.

Thus, the words “baptizo en hudor” are translated as “immerse in water” in this version.

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